Is there anything more humbling than a tiny human that copies what you do? My little guy is currently a year and a half and it seems like every day he does something new that stops us in our tracks with a feeling of familiarity. Apparently I shrug and say “I don’t know” a lot because Will does his own version of that now. Tonight during bath time, my husband pretended to have Will wash his feet. Will laughed hysterically and then reached for his own feet to wash. His new favorite bed time activity is sitting in his room “reading” his books like we’ve done with him so many times before. We normally laugh and find these little actions oh-so adorable. Who doesn’t love a tiny human that shrugs his shoulders and tries to pronounce words he can’t quite sound out? Sometimes, though, the copying is a painful reminder of my own shortcomings. The first time I saw Will grab my phone and lay on the ground “scrolling” aimlessly with his feet in the air, I gasped. Why was he doing this? Where had he seen this before? I knew it was me. I knew I had unwittingly taught my son the value I placed on my phone. He knew my phone was important to me and he wanted to play with it too. That moment was humbling for me but led to a conscience decision about the types of behaviors I want to display to my son. I know he’s always watching – always copying – always learning. I have a great responsibility to live a life that I would want Will to emulate – a life that I would be proud of seeing him act out. I know I won’t be perfect, but I can make the conscious decision each day to lead a life filled with the kinds of actions that improve the present and impact the future for good.