I’m the perfect Mom – and so are you! Do you feel like you are? Probably not. I get it. I don’t usually feel like the perfect Mom either. I mean, after all, even if the entire day was smooth-sailing, there’s still “other people” to remind me that I’m doing something wrong.

You know what I mean, right? It starts in the very beginning when you announce a baby is on the way. “They” want to know what you’ll feed the baby – breastmilk or formula? Will you stay home with the baby or go back to work? Maybe work from home while taking care of the baby? What pediatrician are you using? Will you co-sleep? Cry-it-out? Do you plan to get the epidural – go all natural – have a cesarean? The questions and comments go on and on, growing as the child grows.

Now, it really doesn’t matter what your answer is to these (and so many other) questions. Whatever you say – whatever you do – it will be wrong. Your answer will be wrong to someone. Somewhere. You will have moments of wondering if you made the right decisions. At times you will feel like a failure. You may very likely find yourself questioning every single thing you do.

But I’m here to tell you that you are the perfect Mom. Think about it – God gave those babies to you to raise. He equipped you with what you need to raise those precious and challenging little treasures and you are exactly what they need in a Mom. Are you perfect? No. I’m not either! That’s not even possible. Are you  loving those children with everything that is in you? Are you doing all in your power to keep them safe? Are you making each and every decision with their best interest in mind? I know I am. And that, friends, makes me the perfect Mom…for Will. And it makes you the perfect Mom for your children.

So yes, do your research. Figure out what you think will work best for your family. Be adaptable and gracious – know that people (mostly) mean well with their uncomfortable comments and questions. Love and protect those babies, children, and teenagers without abandon. Live in the joy of each moment with your children knowing that you are the perfect Mom for them.