Hi Mom!

I see you. I see you feeling lonely now that your children are grown and on their own. I see you wondering where the years went – wondering if you did the best you could? I see you worried about your adult children, wanting to hold them tight and protect them just like you did when they were babies. I see you wishing you could always keep them safe. I see you as you wistfully walk down memory lane, thinking how it feels like yesterday that you celebrated first birthdays, tended to scraped knees, and told bedtime stories.

I see you, Mom. I see you in the way I raise my own son. I see you as I teach him what you taught me – to be a good and kind person – a person that loves God and loves others. I see you as I read bedtime stories and sing songs, just like you did with me when I was younger. I see you as I prepare breakfasts, and lunches, and dinners – again and again and again. I remember how you loved cooking for us as I endeavor to love cooking for my family as well. I see you when I cry over my son and when I pray for his present and future self as I know you cried and prayed over me. I see you as I kiss his boo-boos, dry his tears, and hold him tight just like you did for me.

I see you, Mom. I know you feel forgotten sometimes. I know you’ve always thought I loved my Dad more. I know at times you feel taken for granted and just a little bit sad that you no longer have littles at home. I read somewhere that children tend to take their Mother’s love for granted because they know that Mom will always love them. It’s a safe love – one that won’t go away no matter what. Well, I want to tell you, Mom, that I will always love you right back. I will always love you – I will always see you – and I will always need you. Happy Mother’s Day.


This post is dedicated to my real-life Momma with whom I have not taken a picture in quite some time (which may be why she thinks I love my Dad more?). She LOVED raising her daughters and now enjoys being with her grandchildren, but I know she still misses the times when we were little.