The following post was originally written as a social media post in July of 2019. I wanted to add it here as a short post in the hopes of encouraging someone else who may be struggling through the same feelings that I was at the time. 

With Love,


Today in the shower I looked down and saw the scar left behind by the incision from my emergency cesarean. Like every other time, I felt disgusted. I wished it wasn’t there. I wondered if I would ever feel “normal” again. I thought about the stigma associated with cesarean births and felt like I had somehow failed in giving birth.

But I was also grateful – thankful – reminded of how blessed I truly am. Today I held my 23-pound child. Today I ran up and down the basement stairs doing laundry. Today I went on a “Mommy and William” adventure through the neighborhood. Today I rolled around on the floor tickling my little human while he belly laughed and crawled all over me. Today I can walk and play and do all the things. Today I am alive and I am grateful for that cesarean that allowed my beautiful baby boy to be delivered safely.