Today is May 3, 2020. In all honesty, I typed “April” at first. Time is a tad confusing right now. We’ve been “quarantined” or in “lock-down” or “safer-at-home” since mid-March and it really can be hard to remember what day it is. Nothing right now feels the same as it did before the middle of March. Nothing is “normal” according to the ways we once perceived normal. We see heightened anxiety and much despair as we look around us. It’s frightening, actually. No matter what you believe or don’t believe, no matter what part of all of this you find frightening, the truth is that we are all quite uncomfortable with the giant unknowns.

But what about the good? As we are bombarded with bad news and scary stories, are we noticing the good things that are happening around us? Do you see the good? Let me share with you some of the good I’ve personally seen, specifically in relation to the many changes caused by COVID-19. I hope that these snippets of good stories will encourage you to not only see the good around you but to be the good around you as well!


A family down the street has chickens and sheep. They don’t technically live on a farm – apparently their animals are more like pets. Either way, out of the blue, my neighbor was knocking on my door a few weeks ago with a dozen freshly-laid chicken eggs! He wanted to know if we could use the eggs. I was surprised, but wonderfully so, as I had just been thinking about how I really needed to get eggs from the store!

A friend – one that I haven’t talked to in quite some time – texted me the other day to see what I needed. She offered to get anything from the store I needed in case I didn’t have anyone to watch my son so I could get groceries on my own. She actually apologized to me for not checking in sooner!

Another friend texted me to say that she was at the grocery store and wanted to know if we needed anything. She picked up what I needed – chicken, flour, and grapes (Will’s current favorite fruit so we better not run out) – and dropped them off at my door.

A former neighbor (a WW2 veteran who recently moved to a retirement community to live with his Army buddy) painted a wooden airplane for Will and asked his daughter to drop it off at our house. I want you think about that for a minute – an elderly gentleman to whom I already owe so much – one who went from living independently to living in a retirement community just a few months before the lockdown began – a man who cannot currently have visitors and is bound to feel lonely – this man thought of my son and made him a gift.

My 30th birthday was a few weeks ago and I absolutely love birthdays! My husband planned a 30th birthday getaway and party which, of course, both had to be canceled (postponed, maybe?). My friends and family went all out to make sure I had a fantastic 30th no matter what. I had drive-by visitors, calls and messages, lots of Happy Birthday singing, unbelievable amounts of food and cake and coffee, and a decorated front yard. It was a blast and I felt so loved.

My Grandmother called me the other day and wanted to know how she could help me. I was taken aback by this question – not because her giving manner surprised me (seriously, she is incredible and always giving to others) but because my Grandmother was asking me what I needed help with. Shouldn’t I be asking her that question? That same Grandmother asked me to help her find somewhere that was providing meals for people in need so she could donate to them. Fortunately, my Grandmother will likely never read this post because she wouldn’t like it if she knew I was telling people about her good deeds.

I could go on and on telling you about friends and family that have reached out to us during this time of uncertainty. We have had so many kind offers of help and I have also seen friends and family reaching out to others through gifts, fundraisers, and encouragement. I challenge you to look around you and see the good that is happening. Yes, the current situation is uncomfortable. Yes, it can be frightening. But please, open your eyes to the good as well.  See the good around you and be encouraged.