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The Darling Copycat

Is there anything more humbling than a tiny human that copies what you do? My little guy is currently a year and a half and it seems like every day he does something new that stops us in our tracks with a feeling of familiarity. Apparently I shrug and say “I don’t know” a lot […]

The Community of Humankind

It’s 7PM, the Baby-Toddler is asleep, and another day is coming to a close. Today was a repeat of so many other days over the last two months – working from home, not going anywhere, and communicating with loved ones through devices. This “new normal” is strange and I’m mostly unsure of what to think. […]

The Teacher Student

Recently, I began taking Hebrew lessons. A Hebrew-speaking friend wanted to learn Spanish and suggested we trade skills, taking turns teaching each other. I thought it was a wonderful idea and agreed. I am currently working my way through the alphabet (completely new to me) and the different sounds that particular dots make when used […]

Three Tips to Simplify Your Morning Routine

We all want more time, right? The days seem too short for the amount of work we’re trying to accomplish. Mornings are a blur as we frantically scarf down breakfast (if we’re lucky), find the right shoes, and get everyone out the door on time. Books go unread, hobbies go unexplored, and the to-do list […]