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The School Year With No Snow Days

The 2019-2020 school year has been quite a time to be an educator! This has certainly been a memorable school year for everyone involved. We went from griping about not getting any snow days to being sent home to finish the school year online for the rest of the academic year. At first, I think […]

I See You, Mom

Hi Mom! I see you. I see you feeling lonely now that your children are grown and on their own. I see you wondering where the years went – wondering if you did the best you could? I see you worried about your adult children, wanting to hold them tight and protect them just like […]

From My Heart to Yours

The following post was originally written as a social media post in July of 2019. I wanted to add it here as a short post in the hopes of encouraging someone else who may be struggling through the same feelings that I was at the time.  With Love, Adrienne ~~~ Today in the shower I […]


Your Family Needs a Confident You

We are programmed to compare. After all, comparison brings in money. My hair doesn’t look like hers – I need whatever she is using. How is her skin so smooth? I must get that face wash! If I buy those jeans – that pair of shoes – this makeup color – that exercise routine – […]

Stem the Tide of Evil

My Mom is really, really into history. We used to tease her about her “phases” of interest – whatever time period she was interested in, it was all she would talk about. It was all she would read about. It was all that surrounded us. All the time. One month it was the Civil War […]

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

You’ve heard the old expression “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes,” right? We all take that to heart when we’re frustrated or annoyed by what someone does. Essentially, we’re aware that since we don’t know what someone is going through that caused them to act a certain way, we should cut them […]

What’s on Your Read-List?

“I read a book one day and my whole life was changed. “ (Quote from GoodReads by Orhan Pamuk) … What are you reading today – this week – this month – this year? I encourage you to read as much as possible, as often as possible. I know there are a thousand other things to […]

Do You See the Good?

Today is May 3, 2020. In all honesty, I typed “April” at first. Time is a tad confusing right now. We’ve been “quarantined” or in “lock-down” or “safer-at-home” since mid-March and it really can be hard to remember what day it is. Nothing right now feels the same as it did before the middle of […]

I’m the Perfect Mom (and so are you!)

I’m the perfect Mom – and so are you! Do you feel like you are? Probably not. I get it. I don’t usually feel like the perfect Mom either. I mean, after all, even if the entire day was smooth-sailing, there’s still “other people” to remind me that I’m doing something wrong. You know what […]

Raising Mannerly Children in a Smart Home World

I have one son – and he’s under two years old. So, I’m obviously a wise and seasoned parent with lots of experience. I know what I’m talking about – you should listen to me. My knowledge is vast. Wow – do you hate me? Or, perhaps my audacity has caught your attention? Either way, […]